Can I use a reusable mug on campus?

Did you know that you can get any beverage for only the price of a small when you use a reusable mug? That's just one of the many incentives we offer to encourages the use of reusable mugs.

We're also proud to offer I am Reusable loyalty cards to encourage reusable mug usage.

Upon completion of your loyalty card, you can submit it to a cashier at any Hospitality Services location, and you will be entered into a monthly draw to win a $25 Hospitality Services gift card. The winners of the month are posted publicly at our Hospitality Services locations as the Sustainable Person of the Month.

Our reusable mug‑focused initiatives don't stop there. Every Monday, we have dedicated ourselves to celebrating reusable mug users by doubling the stamps given on their I am Reusable loyalty cards. You'll often find promotions of this day on our social media channels.