100 Mile Grille

A Campus Food Revolution 

We believe delicious meals begin with fresh local ingredients. Our chefs are passionate about preparing the bounty's best from regional farmers, producers, and partners from farm gate to campus plate. We’re committed to preserving local & sustaining Ontario by sourcing and serving our favourites to students, faculty, staff, and friends.

Eat Local 

The 100 Mile Grille in the Creelman Hall Marketplace reflects the growing consumer demand for locally grown and produced foods. The 100-Mile Grille is based upon the dietary concept of buying and eating food that's grown, manufactured or produced within a 100-mile radius of your table, hence the name "100 Mile Grille". 

At the 100 Mile Grille, you can get anything from a 100% Ontario beef and pork burger to local chicken tenders and even delicious locally grown sweet potato fries. This means that nothing on your plate has travelled far to get there. Some of the ingredients that will be on your plate are even sourced directly from the University of Guelph campus, like the dill used to make the house-made pickles. 

Why Does Eating Local Matter?

There are several reasons why eating local matters, some of these include: 

  • It supports the local economy by purchasing from local food growers, farmers, and food suppliers. We've developed great relationships with the farmers and growers we purchase from, which has enabled us to continue fostering the strong connection we have to food and those who grow it.
  • It tastes better! If you’ve ever wondered if local tastes better, sit down for a meal from the 100 Mile Grille, and you can be the judge! The taste reflects that what you're eating is fresh and locally grown.
  • Local food doesn’t travel as far to get from the farm gate to your plate, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation and delivery of the items. 
  • It is easier to track all of the ingredients on your plate back to the point of origin. Next time you're in Creelman Hall, take a look at the storyboard mural hanging on the wall next to 100 Mile Grille to find a map featuring the businesses and locations from which we're purchasing our ingredients. 

Our Local Food Story

Our story starts with local food heroes. This storybook showcases a variety of our local food suppliers.

You can learn more about some of our local food heroes by visiting the links below: