Ocean Wise Certified

Sustainable Seafood 

We believe in serving sustainable seafood options that support our oceans and those who depend upon them, and that is why we are proud to have Ocean Wise-certified seafood on our menus.

Ocean Wise is a global ocean-focused conservation organization working to protect the world's oceans from various pressing threats, including overfishing and plastic pollution. Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood is one program offered by Ocean Wise that uses leading science and research to certify seafood as sustainable. There are numerous categories that seafood has to meet to be labeled as Ocean Wise certified, which you can find outlined in detail on their website. 

The main menu items that include seafood primarily include our campus sushi and on-select menus for special events.  

Starting in Fall 2021, our sushi will be made by our UofG Chefs at Chef's Sushi in the University Centre's Chefs' Hall. We're proud to source our Atlantic salmon for our sushi from Sustainable Blue, a land-based salmon fishery based in Nova Scotia, which aims to raise the most sustainable salmon on the planet. 

In Fall 2023, we've begun sourcing steelhead salmon from Izumi Aquaculture, whose operations are a 15-minute drive from the University of Guelph main campus. The steelhead salmon are grown in a floating raceway-style aquaculture set-up in a confined pond. 

We use Ocean Wise certified Arctic char from Alma Aquaculture Research Station (AARS) in Elora, Ontario, for our special events. The Alma Aquaculture Research Station (AARS) is a state-of-the-art aquaculture research and development facility that successfully introduced Atlantic salmon, Arctic char, and new strains of rainbow trout to the Ontario aquaculture industry.

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