Baking Local

The Bake Shop

The Creelman Bake Shop is our latest food service operation at the University of Guelph. This bakeshop produces hand-baked creations for our University of Guelph community. From custom cakes, pies, Bouchon bites, assorted squares, to even festive seasonal cookies, they bake it all. Like in our cooking, we strive to include and incorporate sustainable ingredients wherever we can into our baking. 

As we bake items from scratch at this location, we can test phase many products served on catering menus and in-residence dining halls across campus.

Baking Local 

We include a variety of Fair Trade products, including sugar and chocolate chips, in our baking. One of our popular cookie options at Creelman Hall is the Fair Trade Organic Chocolate Chip cookie. If you keep your eye out for the Fair Trade logo, you'll be able to spot these at our cookie stand easily. 

We're also proud to use local ingredients such as Ontario organic certified flour. Making those Fair Trade chocolate chip cookies support local farming communities here, as well as globally. 

Any dairy milk used on our campus is proudly 100% Canadian milk. This includes any milk used in our baked goods or meals on-campus. 

The Creelman Bake Shop and our other processing facilities purchase items in large volumes to positively affect the overall cost of what otherwise for sustainable items is prohibitive. We can provide large volume bulk purchases for these companies, which keeps their packaging cost down.