The #iamreusable Program

Choose to Reuse 

We're proud to offer the option to choose to reuse through our #iamreusable green container program. This waste reduction program, which started in 2011, provides our campus community with the ability to use reusable takeout food containers when dining on campus. Through implementing these green containers, we've successfully reduced single-use takeout packaging waste in our operations, and with your help, we will continue to do so. 

The single-use compostable containers available in our dining halls cost $1 per container, which can quickly add up when you're regularly dining on campus. Therefore, you can save money and reduce packaging waste going to landfills by choosing to reuse with our green container program.

You can join the #iamreusable program by paying a one-time entry fee of just $5.00 when you purchase your first meal in a green container. Cards can be purchased in advance of purchasing your meal by visiting a cashier at our Hospitality Services dining halls or the campus card office located in the basement of the University Centre. 

Treat the #iamreusable program card like your student card, and keep it with you while you're on campus to ensure you have access to it when you purchase a meal to-go from our dining halls. 
If you lose your #iamreusable card or green container, you will need to rejoin the program by paying the $5.00 program entry fee.

All our dining locations are listed on our Hospitality Services website

Here's how to join the #iamreusable takeout container program:

  • When ordering from one of our dining hall food stations, ask for a reusable green container when ordering or pick up a green container option when using one of our self-serve stations like our salad bar stations.
  • Head to the cash registers to pay for your meal once your green container is filled with your food of choice. At this time, you will pay the one-time entry fee of $5.00 to join the program and use the containers when you're paying for your meal.
  • Once you've enjoyed your UofG campus food in your green container, you can return it to the blue collection bins or dish belts in any of our dining halls (link listed above). 
  • When returning your bin, notify a nearby cashier that you're doing so. You will then be given an #iamreusable card in exchange for returning the container to either the collection bin or dish belt. 
  • Returned bins will be thoroughly washed and sanitized by our staff before being used again in our dining halls. 
  • The next time you purchase a meal on campus in a green container, you present the #iamreusable card to the cashier, who will take the card in exchange for using the container. 
  • The cycle then repeats with your container, and you've helped prevent single-use packaging from heading to landfills! 


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