How can I reduce waste while dining on campus?

How to Join the #iamreusable Program: 

  1. Ask for it: When ordering your meal in our dining hall, ask for a green container. 

  2. Join the Program: When you're paying for your meal at the cash register, you will have to pay a one-time non-refundable $5 fee to join the program.   

  3. Enjoy your meal: Once you've paid, you're welcome to take your green container wherever you'd like to enjoy your meal. The benefit of the green container is that it is sturdy than compostable containers, so it makes for a better vessel for transporting your meal across campus, as well as for saving any leftovers you have. 

  4. Return it: Once you are finished with your meal, please return the container to an #iamreusable collection container located in a dining hall and, in exchange, get an #iamreusable card from a nearby cashier. The returned containers will then get cleaned and sanitized by our dishwashers and put back into use for others in the program.

  5. Repeat: Hold on to your program card to use for your next time dining with us on campus.