Where does the leftover food go?


Guelph feeding Guelph

MealCare Guelph is a student-led organization dedicated to reducing food waste and food insecurity in the local Guelph community. 

MealCare Guelph was founded in 2019 by Kiana Gibson and David Sahai, two University of Guelph students committed to reducing food waste from campus operations. Since its founding, MealCare Guelph now has a team of over 20 members who volunteer weekly to package, record and donate leftover meals from our kitchens.


Working alongside our team of UofG Chefs, MealCare Guelph has established and solidified a system for donating leftover meals from our dining halls to community partners across the City of Guelph, including the CSA Student Food Bank, the Drop-In Centre, and the Royal City Mission. 

MealCare's donation system has expanded to include donations from the Child Care & Learning Centre and Moss Family Farms. 

These donations allow for high-quality ready-to-eat meals to be donated to community organizations to be provided to our community members. 

To date, over 16,000 lbs of our high-quality campus food have been donated through our MealCare Guelph partnership. 

Food Waste Prevention 

One of MealCare's three pillars is to record and share food data with their donors, which allows them to identify where food is being wasted to reduce food waste in the long term. By providing donation data to our UofG Chefs, we can then accurately alter and change menus and amounts of food being prepared to reduce waste before it happens.

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